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Common Questions

[k9 w/ collar on]

- Will it make the dog fat and Lazy?

- No, Obesity is due to excessive calorie intake. Weight can be controlled with proper feeding exercise.

- Will it change their disposition, personality or intelligence?

- Dogs personality do not develop until about 1-2 years of age.
If there is a personality change after spaying at an early age, it would have occured without surgery.

- Are there any problems associated with spaying?

- A very small percentage of dogs have trouble holding their urine as they become older.
This is normally controlled with medication.

- Why would I spay

- To prevent overpopulations, can prevent certain cancers and diseases, behaviors and can make them live longer.

- What is the earliest age to spay?

- The earliest age to spay is 5 months


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  • "If your looking for a good trusted place to bring ur furbabies this is definitely the place. They're great at what they do, treat ur animal with the most comfort and care and constantly on top of my little guys health with reminders letting me know that he's due for his shots soon or any other necessities for his well being. Thank you to Dr bassi and ur wonderful staff for being so trustworthy and treating our babies with care!"
    Tamar N.