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Options With Surgery

At the time of surgery there are several thing we can do for pet while they are asleep. When you come in we will go over all of your options and if you wish we can give you a detailed quote at the end.

Options that don’t affect the surgery


A form of identification that goes into the right ear that links your pet to his or her file at the clinic


A form of identification that goes into the back of the neck. Any shelter or clinic can scan your pet for there chip and get there contacted information

Nail trim:

Some dogs and cats hate getting there nails done this is an opportunity to get them done peacefully while they are asleep. While they are asleep we are able to cut them a little bit shorter than while they are awake because they aren’t moving around and there is less chance of accidentally hitting a quick.

Anal Gland Expression:

This is done for dogs that scoot there bum along the floor. If they are left full too long they can rupture and become infected.


If your pets isn’t up to date on there worming medication this is an excellent time to pick some up. It is recommended to deworm your pet 4 times a year as an adult and even more often as a puppy or kitten.

Ear cleaning/ Flushing

This can be a difficult job while your pet is awake but always recommended. Routine ear cleaning can help prevent infection and build up of wax and debris

Ear Plucking:

Some breads of dogs exp Poodles and Shih-Tzu have hair that is continuously growing these dogs get hair built up in there ears, this can cause them problems hearing as well as increase wax build up and infection. It is recommended to pluck this hair from there ears every month. This procedure can be difficult as well as very painful while your pet is sleeping its an excellent time to remove the unwanted hair with out causing the discomfort.

Flea control:

If your pet isn’t already on flea control we recommended putting a dose on while they are here with us because even though the clinic itself doesn’t have flea we can not guarantee the next animal to walk through the door isn’t infested with them. If your pet comes in for surgery and is infested with fleas for the safety clinic and the other pets we put a mandatory does of flea control on your pet.


We always recommend to keep your vaccines up to date for the safety of your pet. If you require any boosters we would be happy to give them as your pet sleeps.

Keeping your pet safe during surgery!

All surgery’s require anesthetic, unfortunately with any anesthetic there are certain risks that may result serious complications or even death from both known and unforeseen causes. To minimize the risks of such occurrences we offer the following option for when your pet is under sedation. On the day of surgery we will go over what options are best suited for your pets needs and some options depending on age and circumstances may become mandatory for your pets procedure to be performed.


To check blood levels

IV Fluid Therapy:

Iv fluids help to maintain the blood pressure, replace any blood loss, speeds up recovery and in case of emergency we can give emergency medication right away. With out IV fluids we waist precious time inserting a line before these life saving medications can be given.

SQ Fluids:

Same idea as iv exp there is no port to the vain so we loose the ability to give emergency drugs. In this case the Fluids is put under the skin and the body will absorb the fluids as they are needed

Pain management:

With any surgery there is always some level of pain involved during recovery at City Petcare we like to keep your pets discomfort down to a minimum by giving them an injectable pain medication before they wake up from surgery and an oral pain management to go home with. Human pain medication are toxic to are pets. The pain medication here we have specialty made in chicken flavor and highly concentrated for easy dispensing.


To prevent your pet from causing damage to the surgical sight during healing.  Most dogs and cats will lick and attempt to remove the sutures when they don’t where the collar. When this happens the chances of infection is very high and there is a possibly of reopening the site. If this happens the cost to repair a surgery can be grater than the surgery itself because it takes more time to fix an incision then it does the first time.

Prices vary by size.


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  • "If your looking for a good trusted place to bring ur furbabies this is definitely the place. They're great at what they do, treat ur animal with the most comfort and care and constantly on top of my little guys health with reminders letting me know that he's due for his shots soon or any other necessities for his well being. Thank you to Dr bassi and ur wonderful staff for being so trustworthy and treating our babies with care!"
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