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There are several types of tapeworms. They hook onto your pets’ small intestine with it’s mouth. A tapeworm can range from 8 inches to 2 feet long. These worms have some unique features. They are made up of 1/8 inch segments that break off over time and end up in your pets’ stool. These pieces look like small pieces of rice and contain eggs that get released into the environment.

What causes tape worm?
The most common way of getting tapeworms is swallowing a flea that contains a tapeworm egg.

Diagnosis of tapeworms is done by Fecal Exam or a Fecal float under a microscope. Sometimes you will be able to see segments around the anus.

Symptomes include:

  • Dragging it’s anus
  • Vomiting up worms
  • Lethargic
  • Mild diarrhea

Always get flea treatment as well as worming medication because tapeworms are transmitted by fleas.

Tapeworms in Humans:
Children get tapeworms if they swalow a flea or come in contact with partially digested fleas. They are not however transmittable from person to person.


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