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Flea Bites

Flea bites can cause a few different types of irritation. The most common being itching. Your dog or cat will most likely let you know there is a problem right away by his incessant scratching and chewing. They can even sense a flea traveling on their skin. They can feel a tickle that lets them know where to dig and chew. Keep in mind that a flea has a voracious appetite.

A single flea can nibble on Spot more than 350 times in a single day! Imagine being bitten again and again and knowing that it’s going to happen more and more. Your pet will become obsessed with cleaning itself, which can lead to hair loss and hot-spots, or allergic dermatitis. Rashes will make your pet vulnerable to infection and if left untreated can make your pet quite ill. A sick animal then becomes susceptible to anemia. Fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your pet. While grooming if your pet end up swallowing a flea chances are they have also ingested a tapeworm so it is advised to deworm your pet if you find fleas as well


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  • "If your looking for a good trusted place to bring ur furbabies this is definitely the place. They're great at what they do, treat ur animal with the most comfort and care and constantly on top of my little guys health with reminders letting me know that he's due for his shots soon or any other necessities for his well being. Thank you to Dr bassi and ur wonderful staff for being so trustworthy and treating our babies with care!"
    Tamar N.