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Dental Cleaning

At City Petcare animal hospital we believe in maintaining a pets teeth and oral health. Due to the nature of cleaning an animal's teeth, general anesthesia will be necessary. This prevents sudden movements by the pet and it minimizes pain and fear. The sound of the scalar can also be painful to there sensitive ears. It can be very mean to perform this procedure while they are awake. Before general anesthesia can be administered, Dr Bassi may recommended a series of pre anesthetic blood test to ensure safely during the procedure as the pet gets older theses test 

can be life saving. If the pet already has an infection or other issues, antibiotic or supportive treatment may be necessary before a dental cleaning can be performed. Dental cleaning is performed by using an ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar buildup above and below the gum line. At this time we would remove any unsalvageable teeth that are visibly causing pain loose or broken. The final step in the process is tooth polishing which helps to prevent plaque build-up.

It is important to take your pet to the veterinarian for regular dental checkups to ensure proper dental care. Depending on the age of your pet, they should have an oral exam every six months to maintain proper oral hygiene. Smaller pets over three years may need dental care more often because they tend to get tartar build up much faster. Just think, plaque and tartar can begin forming in less than six hours after teeth have been cleaned.

On the day of your pets dental

  • 1.  Your pet will have been fasted overnight to prevent vomiting and aspiration.
  • 2. On the day of your pets dental we will go over the procedure and have you sign an anesthetic release form
  • 3.All of our Dental packages include pre anesthetic blood work, done in our in house lab. We are so lucky we get our results in less than 15 min.
  • 3.Once the vet has reviewed the results he will perform a full pre surgical exam and place an IV line  for safety.
  • Finally your pet will be sedated with an IV injection that was specially chosen for your pet based on age, blood report and history. 
  • At City Petcare your pets care is never the responsibility of one person. During any procedure requiring anesthetic there is always a certified assistant right there. There only job is take care and watch over your pet as their procedure is being done.
  • 5. Teeth are then scaled with an ultrasonic scaler
  • 6. Once the teeth have been cleaned all the teeth are examined and at this time any extraction needed would be done
  • 7. Teeth are then double checked for any tartar, and polished
  • 8. The Mouth is rinse with a special antibacterial mouthwash to help prevent infection
  • 9. Someone will stay with your pet as they wake up and they will be discharged later in the evening

Minnie helpful hints:

At City Petcare hospital how we wake up after surgery is very important. The staff here stay and pet and cuddle us the whole time, make sure we are warm, clean and not scared.


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  • "If your looking for a good trusted place to bring ur furbabies this is definitely the place. They're great at what they do, treat ur animal with the most comfort and care and constantly on top of my little guys health with reminders letting me know that he's due for his shots soon or any other necessities for his well being. Thank you to Dr bassi and ur wonderful staff for being so trustworthy and treating our babies with care!"
    Tamar N.