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Development Puppy

Development Puppy

Development puppy is formulated to help support digestive function and give a number of nutritional benefits. It is formulated with the needs and realities of a puppy’s smaller, less effective digestive system in mind, with a 90% digestive rate.

The benefits of this diet ares:

- the appropriate amounts of calcium and phosphorus for optimal bone and joint development.

- all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the development of a good strong body and central nervous system.

- A number of fatty acids to ensure a healthy, lustrous coat. Of these, some, like EPA and DHA are highly unsaturated omega 3 acids which have additional health benefits.

- DHA in particular helps in the development of retina and the central nervous system and has been recommended by health Canada for human infants.

General feeding recommendations:

As all puppies are different, the feeding guide on the side of the bags are only to be used as a starting point. We recommend a weigh in once a month to achieve optimal weight and body score.

We recommend meal feeding your puppy two to four times a day, along with maintaining a fresh supply of drinking water to ensure a proper source of energy and to ensure the food is being used and digested appropriately.

When changing diets we recommend changing it over the course of two weeks gradually mixing the two foods together to avoid an upset stomach.

What size bag do you need for your puppy?

Puppy Small Breed – bag size 1.5Kg and 3.5Kg – is ideal for breeds of dog that average less than 10Kg when full grown.

Puppy – bag size 3.5Kg and 10Kg – is ideal for all size breeds and recommended for breeds that average 10Kg to 25Kg when full grown.

Puppy Large Breed – bag size 4Kg and 14Kg – is ideal for dogs that weight more than 25Kg when full grown.

Food Storage.

To store your puppy’s food, a dry, cold place is best. If you are worried about freshness of the dry food, all the Royal Canin diets can be frozen.


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