City Petcare in the community!

Starting in October 2015 City Petcare Hospital started collecting donations for dog and cats in need.

Dr Bassi decided to help out even more and agreed to every 10 lbs of food, toys, bedding or kennels donated to out cause he would donate a Spay or Neuter Package complete with iv fluids, pain meds, vaccines, nail trim, tattoo and a dose of flea control.

At the beginning of January we donated 492 lbs of goodies to the SPCA and other Societies in the area. We look forward to seeing 49 cat and dogs for there spay or Neuter packs

We would like to send out a big Thank you to everyone who made this all possible!

No need to be shy you won a Dental pack and a bunch of goodies to go with it . Dr Bassi has matched your prize and has given a dental pack valued at $ 380 to a homeless pet from the SPCA.