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Facts and Myths about Vaccines:

Myth : My pet doesn't need the vaccine because that disease is no longer common.

Fact: These disease still exist, even if we don't see them every day. If the immunization rates fall theses diseases will become apart of out live again.

Myth: If all the other animals are vaccinated mine doesn't need to.

Fact: Yes forsure your pet needs to be protected. When fewer pets are vaccinated disease starts to spread very quickly.

Myth: It's better to do my pets vaccines one at a time

Fact: Thanks to combination vaccines we now use fewer needles, have less delay in protection, fewer visits involving needles and its less traumatic.

Myth:Vaccines aren't properly tested for safety

Fact: Vaccines are safe and effective. Like all medications they have to go through a series of steps and trials before they hit the market to prove they are both safe and effective. If a vaccine doesn't pass a safety as well as efficacy trial it is not allowed in Canada.  .