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Treatment of Fleas

Once your pet has been diagnosed with fleas there are several ways to get rid of them. First you will need to treat your pet with a topical flea control such as revolution or advantage for at least 3 months. To give your pet some immediate relief from the biting of the adult fleas you can give them a dose of capstar. Unfortunately fleas carry tapeworm. The way your pet gets tapeworm is from ingesting a flea, this happens when they are grooming or biting at themselves. So you will need to treat your pet for tapeworm. We also recommend you treat the house because only about 5% of the fleas are going to be on your pet the rest will be in the surrounding, such as carpets bedding curtains ext….

After the 3 months is over we recommend keeping your pet on a flea preventive all year round, because in this part of B.C it doesn’t reach negative 15 degrees so the fleas are going strong all year long.