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Feline Development

Development Feline

Development feline is formulated to help support digestive function and give a number of nutritional benefits. It is formulated with the understanding that kittens are smaller and have a less effective digestive tract. Kittens are at higher risk for digestive upset. The benefits of this diet are:

  • The appropriate amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus for optimal bone and joint development.
  • All the necessary vitamins and minerals for the development of a good strong body and central nervous system.
  • A number of fatty acids to ensure a healthy lustrous coat, some of these include EPA and DHA. These are highly unsaturated Omega 3 acids which have many other additional health benefits.

General feeding recommendations:

  • All kittens are different. The feeding guidelines on the back of the bags are used only as a starting point. We recommend a weigh in once a month to obtain optimal body condition score.
  • When changing diets we recommend changing it over the course of 2 weeks. Slowly adding in the new food and reducing amounts of the old food. The transition helps avoid upset stomach.
  • It is recommended to feed your kitten 2-4 times per day. Depending on the food intake of your kitten you can also try the free feed method. You can leave the food accessible and they will eat throughout the day when they are hungry. If you have a cat that eats very quickly or is overweight this is not the correct feeding method.

Food Storage:

  • Store your kitten’s food in a dry and cool place. It is best if you use a container or the fresh pack bag it comes in. If you are concerned about freshness all Royal Canin kibble formulas can be frozen. 


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  • "If your looking for a good trusted place to bring ur furbabies this is definitely the place. They're great at what they do, treat ur animal with the most comfort and care and constantly on top of my little guys health with reminders letting me know that he's due for his shots soon or any other necessities for his well being. Thank you to Dr bassi and ur wonderful staff for being so trustworthy and treating our babies with care!"
    Tamar N.